About Us

Top End Mental Health Consumers Organisation Inc (TEMHCO) is not-for-profit and charity organisation in Palmerston.  Our drop-in centre gives people living with a mental illness a place to feel safe, build friendships and get the help and support they need.

We are the only consumer-run mental health organisation in the Northern Territory and provide a range of therapeutic activities that promote mental health recovery. Our NT Peer Workforce Program helps onboard students with mental health lived experience with a local RTO to undergo studies to become a Peer Support Worker in their chosen field of work. We provide mentoring support to the students and collaborate with future employers to provide a wrap-around support service when they are ready to transition into the workforce.

We work with other organisations to make sure consumers and their families get the best possible service.


TEMHCO’s vision is to encourage wellness and social inclusion within our community to promote and protect good mental health for all and that we treat people with the experience of mental distress fairly, positively and with respect. We aspire to continuously promote mental wellbeing to our members and to the wider community. We will continue to advocate for our members to help educate the wider community regarding breaking the stigma and shame placed on mental illness. We are committed to achieving improved outcomes for people with a mental illness, their carers and their families. Our ultimate vision is to help our members live full and meaningful lives where they have the confidence to participate in society.


TEMHCO’s mission is to promote wellness in mental health through high quality, culturally appropriate and holistic programs and services that will help educate and support our members. We will provide an advocacy service so that our members voices can be heard and will continue to liaise with Government, community service and business agencies to breakdown stigma within our community.

Key Principles

TEMHCO’s key principles underpin our strategic direction:

  • Person-centred holistic care that partners with consumers and carers
  • Providing care that is culturally safe and appropriate
  • Providing an environment that is both safe and comfortable
  • Providing the relevant resources
  • Providing resilience
  • Enabling individuals to connect

Key Values

TEMHCO’s key values are important in how we believe we should behave:

  • Acceptance – we accept individuals into the service with honesty and respect for their mental illness.
  • Consistency – we support individuals consistently through their mental health journey offering.
  • Authenticity – we provide therapeutic models that engage the individual with authenticity.
  • Valued – we believe that every individual mental health journey is important and respect the value of their experiences.

Strategic Direction

TEMHCO’s six strategic directions assist the consumer in developing skills for independent living and self-management of their mental illness through the following:

  1. Staying Well
  2. Improving Services and Support
  3. Enabling Social Participation
  4. Empowering Choice
  5. Removing Inequality of Opportunity
  6. Organisational Excellence
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